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Technical solutions

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Our global logistics expertise, dedicated team & customized solutions will help you analyze, develop and implement successful operations from beginning-to-end.
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Technical engineering solutions

Increasing environmental and efficiency concerns have revived an interest in the development and management of new solutions that are feasible in practice. With a wide experience in transportation related engineering services, W.P. de Koning BV is able to design and execute complex engineering projects.

From concept to realization

From concept to realization, W.P. de Koning BV has the ability to plan, design, build, operate and maintain innovative technical systems that are safe, efficient and convenient in operation. It is in our blood to use smarter thinking as an asset to add value to your operation. We are known as a partner that understand customer needs and takes challenges in order to solve problems by technical engineering.

Safe solutions

These technical drawings provide comprehensive engineered plans to ensure all jobs are performed according to specification and in a safe manner.

As a logistic engineer we are dedicated to build solutions that are safe, efficient and sustainable. Our goal is to safe costs instead of makes costs.

We apply our skills of investigation analysis to make sure every detail of the design is right. Based on co-creation we develop custom solutions.